Create the Perfect Living Space with Korniche Roof Glass Lanterns

Elevate your living space with the exquisite beauty and unmatched functionality of Korniche lanterns. Designed to transform your home with an abundance of natural light, Korniche Roof Glass Lanterns are the perfect addition to create a captivating and inviting atmosphere.

Why Choose Korniche Roof Glass Lanterns?

Korniche Roof Glass Lanterns stand out for their exceptional design and engineering. Here’s why they are the preferred choice for homeowners:

  • Die-Cast Aluminium Components: Crafted with precision, Korniche utilizes die-cast aluminium components for enhanced weather resistance, thermal retention, low maintenance, and breathtaking aesthetics.
  • Unmatched Strength: Meticulously engineered to be the strongest and stiffest on the market, Korniche Roof Glass Lanterns boast exceptional structural integrity, supporting maximum glass sizes without the need for additional rafters.
  • Victorian-Inspired Elegance: With its beautifully designed rafters and spas, Korniche Roof Glass Lanterns offer narrow sightlines reminiscent of traditional timber structures, providing unobstructed views and adding a touch of grandeur to your living space.
  • Seamless Aesthetics: Featuring seamless joints and concealed fixings, Korniche Roof Glass Lanterns exude elegance and sophistication, enhancing the visual appeal of your home.
  • Ease of Installation: Korniche Roof Glass Lanterns have been designed for easy and straightforward installation, combining strength, security, and efficiency.
  • Superior Thermal Performance: The fully thermally broken design of Korniche Roof Glass Lanterns minimizes heat transfer, ensuring energy efficiency and a comfortable indoor environment.
  • Beauty from Every Angle: With meticulous attention to detail, Korniche Roof Glass Lanterns showcase stunning aesthetics from all perspectives, inside and out.
  • Engineered for Inspiration: Experience a grander view with industry-leading maximum sizes, allowing for expansive roof lanterns that welcome an abundance of natural light into your home.
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Discover the Elegance of Korniche Roof Glass Lanterns

At Sheerwater Glass, we are proud to offer a wide range of Korniche Roof Glass Lanterns, providing you with the opportunity to create the perfect living space filled with natural light. Our experienced team will guide you through the selection process, ensuring you find the ideal lantern to complement your home’s style and requirements.

Technical Specifications


Die-Cast Aluminium Components

Korniche roof lanterns are crafted with precision using die-cast aluminium components. This manufacturing process ensures greater accuracy, tighter tolerances, superb weather resistance, thermal retention, low maintenance, and breathtaking aesthetics.


Strongest on the Market

Meticulously engineered to be the strongest and stiffest on the market, Korniche roof lanterns support industry-leading maximum glass sizes without the need for additional rafters. They offer exceptional strength, durability, and structural integrity.


Victorian-Inspired Ridge and Spas

Reminiscent of traditional timber structures, Korniche roof lanterns feature rafters and spas with narrow sightlines. This design allows for a grander view, offering expansive visibility while maintaining the beauty and elegance of the lantern.


Seamless Aesthetics

With no visible fixings and seamless joints throughout, Korniche roof lanterns not only enhance the appearance of your living space but also create a seamless and harmonious integration with the surrounding architecture.


Easy Installation

The simple and efficient design of Korniche roof lanterns enables quick and hassle-free installation. They are engineered for straightforward assembly, allowing for fast and convenient fitting.


Thermal Performance

Korniche roof lanterns are fully thermally broken, meaning the outside aluminium elements are connected to the internal ones through thermal breaks. This design significantly reduces heat transfer, enhancing energy efficiency and creating a more comfortable living environment.


Beautiful Design

Korniche roof lanterns are designed to be aesthetically pleasing from every angle. They feature end caps that are meticulously sculpted and seamlessly integrated, maintaining a consistent and visually appealing appearance throughout the lantern.


Fast and Easy Glazing

The Korniche roof lantern is capable of being glazed in seconds. The innovative design and assembly methods allow for efficient and time-saving glazing, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free installation process.

Unlock the full potential of your living space with Korniche Roof Glass Lanterns.

Contact Sheerwater Glass today to explore the possibilities and request a free, no-obligation quote. Trust us to deliver exceptional quality, professional installation, and unmatched customer service.

Experience the transformative power of Korniche Roof Glass Lanterns and turn your house into a home filled with natural light and timeless beauty.

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