Timber Sash Windows

Numerous clients are attracted to sash timber windows due to their distinctive elegance. These window styles merge effortlessly with any up-to-date dwelling, while retaining the timeless allure of a period property.

Captivating Timber Sash Windows in Surrey

Keep the classic elegance of your traditional property or introduce a dash of charm to your contemporary Surrey home with our timber sash windows.

These sash timber windows, popularly known as vertical sliders, are cherished for their genuine, timeless appeal. Whether you’re looking to uphold the authentic feel of your property or bring a hint of tradition to a modern design, our sash timber windows not only look superb, but they also function flawlessly and are energy efficient.

Our bespoke timber sash windows in Surrey feature a range of design and configuration options. This gives you the flexibility to select a design, style, and finish that truly enhances the beauty of your home.

They are the ideal modern update for traditional properties, with a versatile style and are beautifully designed for energy efficiency.

Bespoke Security

Adaptable to meet the uppermost security standards, featuring enhanced locking mechanisms and robust materials.


Expansive selection of hues and woodgrain finishes to choose from.


Genuine ovolo design present on the frame, bead, sash and window sill.


Both sliding sections can tilt inwards for hassle-free cleaning. Plus, the balance mechanisms operate smoothly for your convenience.

Energy Efficient

Boasting a Window Energy Rating of ‘A’. Draughts are kept at bay with pile seals attached to the sash and outer frame.

Period Features

Options include Georgian bars, sash horns, weather bars, and a deep bottom rail, all specifically designed to imbue your windows with that classic period aesthetic.

The Benefits of our Sash Timber Windows in Surrey

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Durable by Design

Our timber sash windows are expertly designed, hung meticulously from the top corners to provide superior structural integrity and resist any distortion resulting from their own weight.

Furthermore, we’ve incorporated a state-of-the-art dry gasket glazed drainage system, a valuable addition that actively contributes to eradicating trapped moisture, thus prolonging the life and enhancing the performance of your windows.

Constructed with an unwavering commitment to durability and strength, our sash timber windows are guaranteed to stand the test of time. We ensure that every component, from the solid timber to the intricate locking mechanisms, contributes to a window that will not just last but will maintain its exceptional performance and aesthetics well into the future.

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Energy Efficient

Ensuring your home remains cosy and energy-efficient is our top priority. Fitting your property with sash timber windows, which boast a high energy rating, will assist in reducing your home’s energy expenditure, thus lowering household bills and promoting sustained energy efficiency.

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Sash timber windows are fortified to provide outstanding security. A significant security enhancement is the incorporation of an internal glazing bead, which is a substantial upgrade from sash windows that feature beading on the exterior.

Window Designer

Bespoke Design

Tailoring the style and design of our timber sash windows to suit your preferences is straightforward with us. We take the time to understand your unique needs and desires, aiding you in discovering the ideal sash window style for your dwelling. Our customised sash timber windows in Surrey promise to deliver on impact, practicality, and efficiency, while still ensuring your home’s aesthetic isn’t compromised.

Practical and easy to maintain.

Sash timber windows provide more than just a visual enhancement; they’re a practical choice as well.

Each of our timber sash windows in Surrey boasts distinct advantages. Our timber sash windows exude sophistication while providing robustness and durability.

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upvc sash

Intricate Engineering

Our timber sash windows are meticulously crafted to embody the iconic vertical-sliding sash design down to the minutest detail, without conceding on energy efficiency, thermal insulation, or ease of maintenance. Moreover, all our sliding sash systems are bolstered for extra security.

Every one of our timber sash windows ensures a harmonious blend of the enduring elegance of traditional design with the benefits of contemporary manufacturing and security!

Technical Information



A 128mm outer frame aligns perfectly with the dimensions of timber sash windows, simplifying the installation process. These windows can be fabricated up to an impressive maximum size of 1600mm in width and 3000mm in height. With both large and small sash profiles, we ensure equal sightlines for the top and bottom sashes. Our sills come in two sizes, 150mm and 210mm, and we offer frame packers of 10mm, 20mm, and 50mm.



Our timber sash windows feature an authentic ovolo shape on the frame, bead, sash, and sill. We offer the option to enhance their traditional charm by adding Georgian bars, sash horns, weather bars, and a deep bottom rail (perfect for period properties). In addition, we utilise flush gaskets to replicate the appearance of traditional glazing.



A spiral balance mechanism is integrated within the frame to counterbalance the sash, facilitating a smooth movement. The inclusion of an internal glazing bead not only enhances the security of the window but also represents a significant improvement over windows featuring exterior beading.


Thermally Efficient

Our range of exquisite timber sash windows achieves an impressive Window Energy Rating of Band ‘A’. By choosing these A-rated windows, you can experience a substantial positive impact on your household’s energy bills. Embracing eco-friendliness, our timber sash windows help reduce energy wastage by effectively sealing against pesky draughts with the aid of high-quality pile seals installed on both the sash and outer frame.

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