5 ideas for uses for toughened glass mirrors around the house

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Having mirrors around your home can help to brighten your rooms whilst creating the illusion of additional space. At Sheerwater Glass, we offer custom-cut toughened glass mirrors that can be used anywhere around your home. Our mirrors aren’t just available in standard silver, you’re able to choose a coloured mirror as well as a smoky finish.

Here are 5 ideas for where a toughened glass mirror would work perfectly.

Customisable kitchen splashbacks

The kitchen is often the messiest room in the house, it’s not uncommon for food to splash out of the pan onto nearby sides and walls. Having a kitchen splashback installed is a necessity to prevent unwanted stains from soaking into your wall paint. A toughened glass mirror splashback is the perfect addition to any kitchen, offering a sleek and contemporary appearance. Here at Sheerwater Glass, we’re able to offer our kitchen splashbacks in a range of reflective colours to perfectly complement your kitchen. Whether you decide to match the colour of your appliances or make a statement with a bright pop of colour, we’re certain to have something for you.

Unlike a tiled splashback, you won’t need to clean awkward grout lines. A mirrored splashback will need regular cleaning, but you only need to use a soft cloth and an affordable glass cleaner.

The installation process is incredibly efficient, as the glass splashback is in one large panel, we’re able to quickly fit it without causing you or your family any disruption. Whereas a tiled splashback would take much longer to have professionally installed and you’d never get close to matching the finish of a toughened glass splashback mirror.

Strong and sturdy gym mirrors

During lockdown, there was an increase in the sale of workout equipment and many homeowners converted their garages and garden rooms into home gyms. Adding floor-to-ceiling toughened glass mirrors will help complete the look of your gym. It’s important that your gym is well lit so that you’re able to work out safely day or night. A large mirror will allow light to bounce around your space, making your home gym brighter which will not only make it safer but a brighter home is proven to boost your productivity and mental health.

A toughened glass mirror from Sheerwater Glass will always be tailored to your space and personal requirements, allowing for a perfect fit in awkward spaces.

Elegantly placed bathroom mirrors

Local building authorities state that any glazing featured in a bathroom must meet extensive safety standards including windows, shower doors, and mirrors. This means any mirror fitted within a bathroom must be manufactured with toughened glass. The glass in our mirrors is tempered which means it is much more difficult to break and, in the instance, it does break the glass shatters into small, rounded pieces to eliminate the risk of injury. Standard mirrors can’t cope with the humidity that develops in bathrooms, long exposure to high humidity can cause the backing of the mirror to deteriorate.

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Having a mirror fitted in your bathroom will extend the space whilst drawing task lighting into the space around your mirror which is ideal when the mirror is placed about the sink or vanity area. Mirrors can help add a sense of luxury by really beautifying the space they are placed in.

Active children’s bedrooms or playrooms

Children’s rooms tend to be the smallest but there are plenty of tricks for maximising space including clever storage solutions and regularly rotating toys. Adding a large, toughened glass mirror will create draw more light in whilst creating the illusion of more space. By adding a mirror at a child’s eye level you’re introducing them to reflections, make a statement with your mirror by placing it on a feature wall, or incorporate it into a unique wall design.

Opting for a toughened glass mirror is particularly important when it’s going to be placed in children’s areas as these are often high activity areas. The glass is much harder to break and if it does happen to break it will shatter into small round pieces to avoid hurting small feet.

Welcoming entranceways

Many homeowners often forget to decorate the entrance to their home aside from their front door. By adding a mirror in your front porch or next to your internal front door you’re bringing light into an otherwise small, forgotten space. Placing a small console table with fresh flowers below a mirror will help to make your home feel complete. Not only will a decorated hallway impress your guests, but it also provides you with a space to check yourself and enforce positive mantras before leaving your home.

Toughened glass mirrors from Sheerwater Glass

To add a gorgeous, toughened glass mirror to your home simply consult with one of our glazing experts today. Contact us online to get a free quote or call us on 01932344415 to discuss your home improvement projects with our friendly team.


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