5 reasons to contact traditional glass & glazing experts before trying repairs yourself

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There is no doubt that traditional varieties of glazing add considerable depth to a property’s character. However, with some varieties being over a hundred years old, traditional glazing repairs are relatively common. If you’ve been thinking of doing the repairs yourself, you should consider contacting the experts first and here are X reasons why:

1. Expertise with all types of traditional glazing

Traditional glazing comes in a wealth of formats: cylinder, crown, plate, leaded and stained glass to name a few. With so many different types, traditional glazing repairs require a varied and extensive amount of expertise, the likes that even the most avid of DIYers are unlikely to possess.

However, a glass and glazing expert has expertise on all varieties of traditional glazing, including their repair. So, you’re guaranteed an excellent standard of workmanship, regardless of what needs repairing.

2. Proper preservation is essential for maintaining value

Building on from the last point, ensuring heritage glass is properly preserved is essential for it to hold its value. Therefore, if your traditional glazing is subjected to a below-par repair job, you could be knocking thousands off the value of your home.

3. Awareness of all the relevant regulations

Many of the homes fitted with heritage glazing are listed buildings or they lie in conservation areas, meaning there could be regulations in place that limit what changes can be made to the windows. Failure to follow these regulations leaves you at risk of a fine and having to pay for any rectification work later down the line.

However, experts of traditional glazing repairs like us will be aware of these regulations and will ensure that any repairs comply with them fully.

4. Glass and glazing experts are not as expensive as you might think

One of the reasons why you might be thinking of fixing yourself is to save money. However, traditional glazing repairs are surprisingly cost-effective. Cracked or smashed glass and chips in the frames are some of the most common repair works, and unless your traditional glass window is in very bad condition, you will not need to pay to replace the whole window.

5. They can replace the window too (if required)

There are times when repairs will not be sufficient to get a traditional glass window performing and looking its best. When choosing a traditional glass and glazing expert like us, however, we can replace the whole window too, if required.

With our glazing experience dating back to 1972, rest assured that any traditional glass window replacement will be of the highest quality and compliant with all the necessary regulations too.

Traditional glazing repairs in and around Surrey

Is your traditional glazing damaged and in need of repair? Get in touch with Sheerwater Glass today. We are available to call on 01932 344 415 or you can contact us online.

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