6 reasons why slimline uPVC windows are better than regular windows

24th Mar 2021
slimline window leaded project

Here at Sheerwater Glass, we are proud to offer our customers our exclusive slimline uPVC windows. Better than regular windows for several reasons, here are 6 of them:

1. Slimmer frames

They are engineered with frames so slim that you could be forgiven for thinking they were aluminium windows. As such, they boast of stylish, chic aesthetics. Simply put, if you’re looking for uPVC windows with frames these slim anywhere else in the country, you won’t find them!

2. 12% more glass

As a result of their slender frames, they have 12% more glass than regular windows. More glass means more light can flow inside the home, leading to brighter interiors that feel more spacious.

3. Highly adaptable slimline design

slimline-windows-rosewood-closeupTheir slimline design is highly adaptable, meaning it can easily be altered to suit modern and traditional properties alike. Choose from bevelled or ovolo beading, Georgian bars, decorative glass, a wealth of colour options and much more, tailoring their design until it’s perfect for any home.

4. Enviable security performance

Knowing that you and your family are secure against potential intrusion attempts is an important consideration when buying new windows. But thanks to a wealth of high-quality security hardware that includes Trojan multipoint, shootbolt locks, hinge protectors and security glazing, you can always have peace of mind.

5. A+ Window Energy Ratings

Slimline uPVC window in White

The more energy-efficient your windows are, the more you can save on energy bills. Energy-efficient windows are also better at keeping your home warm and cosy. Thanks to profiles that feature 5 heat-trapping chambers and uPVC’s natural insulation qualities, uPVC slimline windows can achieve Window Energy Ratings of A+. This means they are some of the most energy-efficient around.

6. Enjoy a draught and weather-free home

Draughts let cold air into the home and warm air out, leading to colder interiors and higher energy bills. However, you can expect a fully draught-proof home when it has been fitted with our exclusive uPVC slimline windows. Plus, they feature a purpose-built drainage system, which enhances their weather performance even further.

uPVC slimline windows installed in Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire & beyond

Are you interested in a set of slimline uPVC windows for your home? Get in touch with Sheerwater Glass today. We are available to call on 01932 344 415 or you can get a free, no-obligation quote online.

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