What’s the difference between slimline aluminium windows & uPVC slimline windows?

23rd Nov 2020
Slimline uPVC and aluminium windows

The main similarity between slimline aluminium windows and uPVC slimline windows are the frame depths. They are both beautifully slim, resulting in a sleek, contemporary appearance and windows that allow huge amounts of natural light into the home. However, this is where the similarity ends. So, as we install both types of slimline window, we thought we would take a closer look at their differences to help you decide which you prefer.

Slimline aluminium windows

Aluminium WindowsBecause of aluminium’s incredible natural strength, slimline aluminium windows have been around for some time. However, advancements in technology mean they now offer a wealth of additional benefits:

  • To prevent heat from escaping the home, slimline aluminium windows are equipped with insulating polyamide barriers. This leads to lower energy bills and more comfortable living spaces.
  • Aluminium has an anti-corrosive layer, preventing the material from rusting. Our aluminium windows are also finished in ultra-durable powder coatings that are guaranteed for 25 years against fading or loss of gloss. The occasional wipe down is also all aluminium material needs to stay clean, looking and performing its best during this period.
  • Powder coatings are available in a wide range of colours, including any RAL colour, so a huge range of looks can be created.
  • Pairing aluminium’s natural robustness with shootbolt locking systems and a high-security interlocking glazing bead system ensures slimline aluminium windows offer exceptional security. They come with Secured by Design accreditation as standard.

uPVC slimline windows

White uPVC slimline windowAlthough slimline frames are traditionally associated with aluminium windows, our uPVC slimline windows – designed exclusively by us – are some of the first to buck this trend. Along with 12% more glass than standard uPVC windows, you can expect a wide range of great features:

  • 5 chambers are present in the profiles of uPVC slimline windows, the purpose of which is to actively trap more heat. Combining this with the natural insulation qualities of uPVC, they can achieve A+ Window Energy Ratings – some of the best around.
  • uPVC material is highly resistant to discolouration due to UV exposure. As it can also be cleaned with just a simple wipe down, you can expect the windows to look great year after year.
  • Available in a selection of heritage woodgrain effects, which give uPVC material the rich appearance of natural timber, they are well suited to period properties, old cottages, and other traditional homes. However, they come in a range of contemporary colours too.
  • For complete peace of mind, we fit uPVC slimline windows with a variety of leading security hardware: multipoint shootbolt locks, security glazing, and hinge protectors.

Slimline aluminium windows and uPVC slimline windows installed in Surrey & beyond

We hope this helped you determine whether uPVC or aluminium slimline windows are right for your home. So, if you are interested in either set, get in touch with us here at Sheerwater Glass today. We are available to call on 01932 344 415 or you can contact us online.

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