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Composite Front Doors in Surrey

Composite doors are the preferred double glazed external door for homeowners in Surrey these days for an abundance of reasons. They can be designed in a plethora of popular colours and styles, with a range of furniture, decorative glazing and hardware options to suit both old and new homes alike. The choices are only limited by your imagination!

They offer the natural aesthetic of timber woodgrains, with the modern and smooth finish of composite for the best of both worlds. Not only will they add kerb appeal to your home, but our high-quality composite also excels in its thermal insulation, durability and security. Able to last at least 30 years without needing any maintenance, they’re ideal for any homeowner.

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Why choose our composite door range for homes in Surrey?

Our collection of contemporary composite front door excel in their performance and style:

  • Use a glass-reinforced polymer (GRP composite) skin that protects the material.
  • The solid timber core is fused with modern uPVC materials, for excellent energy efficiency.
  • Fitted with advanced locking mechanisms to improve home security.
  • The modern materials are maintenance-free.
  • Resistant to splitting and cracking.
  • An array of colours, handles, glass and letterboxes for a unique design.
  • Able to suit both the front and back of homes with traditional stable and modern styles.

We supply and fit composite doors for Woking and across Surrey, Berkshire and beyond.

What are the advantages of composite Front doors?

  • They are strong keeping your home safe.
  • Contemporary composite doors are energy efficient, saving you money on your energy bills.
  • They come in many styles to fit any home.
  • They are easy to maintain saving you time.
  • Composite doors add kerb appeal to your home.
  • They last a long time saving you money on more regular replacements.

Composite Door Styles

The beauty of a composite door is that its designs are incredibly versatile, so they can be uniquely created to fit your personal tastes. Our made-to-measure range of composite doors will suit any style of home in Surrey or Berkshire.

Our composite front doors come in numerous colour options range from grey and black, to bright red or navy. Green composite doors and grey composite doors are two of the more popular options available, able to complement and enhance a plethora of Surrey homes. With over 150+ RAL front door colours, the options are endless. You could choose to include Georgian bars, decorative glass and any of our door furniture pieces for a bespoke composite front door style for your home.

Our composite doors can be styled to suit the front and back of homes in either an entrance, French or stable door style. If looking for more of a classic, traditional composite door choice, then our range of composite and French doors will be able to add a considerable amount of class and improvement to any Woking home. In a similar sense, composite stable doors present another great choice for a number of properties in Surrey, giving a range of advantages such as increased ventilation and security.

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Composite front doors

Stable Doors

Try our Composite Door Builder

It couldn’t be simpler to use and create a tailor made new door. Starting with the design of the door, the planner offers you a wide variety of specification options at every stage and allows you to play around with the details as you go along. Start here by clicking the ‘Design’ button or use the information point for instructions to build your composite door online.

Composite Colour Options

You can find a fantastic range of colours from our Heath Henderson Range of Composite Doors. We can match all and any colour, including now any Farrow & Ball colour! So you can unleash your inner interior designer and create your dream front door.

Other popular colours include:

  • Oyster White
  • Antique Pink
  • Cobalt Blue
  • Pale Green
  • Signal Grey

And 1000’s more!

Benefits of Composite External Doors

Secure and Strong

Our composite front doors offer maximum security and durability. Each door is constructed and fitted with glass reinforced polymer (GRP) and a solid timber core, along with a stable inner frame, full-face aluminium hinge and lock plates, and an aluminium threshold. GRP doors provide an ideal finish for external composite doors and in turn allow for a host of composite door designs, styles and configurations.

The locking systems are continuously tested against common burglary techniques for the utmost protection and ultimate peace of mind. These external doors can withstand tough weather conditions too, making them ideal for properties near the coast or exposed areas.

Energy Efficient

Composite boasts A+ energy ratings and low U-values as they combine durable materials with high-performance timber and uPVC. About 35% of the heat in your home will escape through the gaps in and around older doors, but not with our draught-free composite materials.

They’re engineered to ensure that your home stays warm throughout the year. With their excellent thermal insulation performances, you’ll see reductions in your home’s heating bills.

Low maintenance

Real timber doors require continuous upkeep to protect the natural materials included. However, our modern composite is essentially maintenance-free. In a similar sense to uPVC doors, we simply suggest wiping down the frames every once in a while to remove any debris.

These durable doors are able to last for at least 30 years, without rotting, cracking or splitting. We also coat the frames in a protective coating, which stops the colour from fading. With our quality composite, you can be sure that they’ll look and perform like new for years to come.

Would you like more information about your new contemporary Composite Door?

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Is a composite door worth it?

Composite doors are of excellent value and well worth the investment. Composite doors have a long lifespan of around 35 years. They are easy to maintain, have excellent insulation to keep your home energy efficient and are strong, keeping your home safe.

Are composite doors warmer?

Composite doors are made up of multiple materials and are often thicker than other types of doors. This means they keep your home warmer and minimise loss of energy and help your home with its thermal efficiency.

Which is better, a uPVC door or a composite front door?

Choosing between uPVC doors and a composite door depends on specific needs. uPVC doors are affordable, low maintenance and offer design versatility, but uPVC doors may fade and be susceptible to the elements. On the other hand, composite doors are robust, resilient and maintain their appearance for longer. They provide enhanced durability, insulation and security features. Ultimately, factors such as budget, desired aesthetics and the need for long-lasting performance need to be made when making a decision.

Do you need a new frame with a new composite door?

When installing a composite door, it is recommended to replace the existing door frame with a new one for proper fitting and to support the doors weight. So, yes, it will help with security, durability, and functionality of the new door. Owners should call professionals to install and Replace the frame alongside the door, so  it ensures a secure and precise fit for the new composite door.

Composite door repairs

Have you got an issue with your composite door? Given their rate of usage, it is natural that eventually, your composite door may experience a small amount of wear and tear. We offer composite door repair services throughout Surrey, whether the issues relate to the door getting stuck, a external door handle being faulty or a small draught appearing; we will be able to use our expertise to restore it to full working order.

See composite doors at our showroom

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