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For Double Glazing Repair Near Me: Everything You Need to Know

A Double glazing repair need not be a problem. Once installed, double-glazed units should last for decades.

Like all other structural elements in the house, double-glazing doors and windows may show signs of problems. Issues can arise out of trivial installation faults within 10 years. Shoddy fittings, condensation, broken parts, and inadequate functioning are risky complications that urge double-glazing repairs without further delays.

Here we give you a brief outline of prevalent double-glazing problems, possible fixes, and factors to consider before hiring window fitters for window repairs.

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Common Double Glazing Issues and How to Fix Them

Double-glazed doors and windows generally have a term of 20-50 years longevity. However, hitches can arise anytime from several underlying defects or consequential damages. Understanding the common issues and their solutions keeps landlords alarmed and prepared for the necessary measures.

1. Doors and Windows are Difficult to Open and Close

Sticky wooden doors/windows result from moisture absorption in humid weather. However, frames and leaves of other materials may also have similar issues. Dispositioning of the hinges is the prime cause behind such occurrences. The door weight and mishandling often pull out the hinges from their alignment. At times, such problems may occur from a failed locking system.

This is a minor snag and easy to identify for professionals. This can be done within a few hours by employing advanced equipment. If locks have become faulty, they may need replacement or a complex repair procedure.

Do not attempt to open the door parts if you are not experienced in such operations. Tampering the complicated mechanical configuration may raise your problems, cause sudden injuries, and incur additional expenses.

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2. Draughts Coming from Outside

There may be multiple reasons for draughts:

Loose fitting hinges Dropped sash Wear-and-tear of door parts

Screws moving out of hinges and dropping sash can be repaired easily. Insert a plastic card between the frame and the window sash. If it goes in freely, there is a wide gap. Tightening the hinges may resolve the issue. Such repairs take less than an hour.

Worn-out door parts, broken seals, and other damages are severe problems. In extreme cases, replacement is a better option than cheap repairs.

3. Condensation and Misting

This can occur on different parts of the window.

Keeping all doors and windows closed can lead to condensation. When the indoor temperatures drop, the humid air leaves water droplets on the inner glass surface.

This does not require any repair. However, wipe the windows with a dry cloth to prevent seal damage. Open the vents occasionally to release the hot and humid air. Run a dehumidifier to extract moisture from the indoor air.

If there are water droplets within the cavity, it means the seal is damaged and needs replacement.

4. Dropping Door and Window Leaves

Doors and windows may drop due to weather impact or mechanical failures. Some door materials may expand at high temperatures. It will not fit properly into the frame after expansion or warping. Choosing a high-quality material is recommended to avoid these problems.

If the hinges are loose or moved from the point, the door leaf can drop, creating a wider gap from the frame. Ensure firm fitting hinges to resolve this issue. Oiling the door parts is another measure to ease functionality.

5. Locks not Functioning

Locks can get stiff as the interior lubricant dries. Lack of maintenance, stuck inner parts, and overheating can affect the functioning. If not repaired for a long time, the lock can break. Broken locks need replacement.

Cooling and oiling the locking parts in summer is a preventive measure. In most cases, stiffness can be resolved by applying lubricant.

6. Cracked/Broken Glass

Rapid temperature changes, poor quality, and collision are the main reasons for cracking/blowing issues. When left untreated, this will eventually break and leak the inert gas. Replacing the glass unit is sufficient to get going peacefully for years.

Tempered glass is an expensive option but comes with protection against breaking.

7. Broken/Failed Seals

The double-glazed seals can break over time. If the seal is broken, the inert gas between the panes will escape into the environment. This will affect the insulation system and even result in misting. Window seals may split due to several reasons:

Glass expansion and overweight in summer Warping Manufacturing defect Harsh chemical treatment for window cleaning

Thankfully, seals can be replaced without upgrading the entire window. In extreme cases like material rots and cracks, the system requires replacement.

Factors to Consider Before Repairing Double Glazing

It is mainly the decision of the homeowners whether to repair an old double-glazed window or upgrade to the latest model on the market. At times, simple repairs can resolve ongoing issues and save money. Window replacement or upgrading to splurged items can be expensive.

When stuck between repair and replacement, the decision is influenced by these factors:

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How Old is Your Window?

If your window is 20 years old or more, there are likely underlying problems beyond the broken glass or locks. The window frames and leaves develop small crevices (often not evident), compromising insulation.

New windows will last for years after repair. These models feature cutting-edge mechanisms to make your home energy efficient and secure.

Type of Window System

The type of glazing on the window is a decisive factor for repair and replacement. Period-style windows have thin single-glazed panes. These glasses lack durability, thickness, and insulation capabilities. Replacement is a worthy option for such windows.

We repair sash windows, which usually have single panes and can provide a very cost effective uPVC sash window replacement option.

Present Condition

Old timber windows are often the best thing in the house, bestowing a heritage of classic designs. If these panels are in good condition, you may replace the glasses with double-glazed ones on a budget.

Check the condition of the frames, hinges, panes, and glass seals. Evaluate the cost of comprehensive repair and replacement. For a minute difference, it is worth replacing the old ones.

Extent of Fault or Damage

The nature of the damage is the basis of the repair decision.

For instance, a 3-year-old window with broken locks and glass seals needs repair. This is possible to do quickly and restore the unit to a new condition.

Double Glazing Repair: DIY Vs. Professional Services

There are two thoughts when you need double-glazing repairs done- self-servicing or hiring a FENSA-approved professional.

We strongly recommend hiring a certified window repair technician for the job. Here are some reasons to call an expert for double-glazed door or window repair.

Home Security

Your doors and windows are prime security elements. Attempting a DIY repair without employing standard equipment can manipulate the structural integrity. Compromising adequate fitting may provide easy entry for burglars, bugs, and other objects into the house.

Fitters Installing Black uPVC Slimline windows

Save Time and Money

While certified technicians take a few hours to put things in order quickly, homeowners may struggle to deal with these things. Often people damage vital attachments, lose money, and waste time in futile attempts. Messy surroundings and cleaning can be troublesome.

Guaranteed and Insured

Work done by certified professionals is backed by years of guarantee and insurance. When issues occur, you get coverage for the losses, but there are no such means if the job is uninsured.

Some Window Repairs are Risky

Double-glazing panels are burdensome to handle. Scattered sharp objects and glass pieces can injure kids and pets.

Moreover, self-servicing can be risky if you are not experienced in joinery and window mechanisms.

For instance, old box sash windows mostly have complex spring mechanisms. Cleaning and lubrication are necessary for seamless movement. When left unattended, the spring may fail to operate.

Working with the spring involves an arsenal of advanced toolkits, cleaning, and oiling. Mishandling the parts can damage the door parts and have dire consequences.

Abstain from DIY Repair Misconceptions

The internet is flooded with DIY repair tips for doors and windows. Repair tricks applying toothpaste or adhesives are ineffective solutions for faulty windows. It may damage the components and raise your expenses on repairs.

How to Find a Reliable Double Glazing Repair Company

Finding a trustworthy double-glazing repair company can be a bit knotty. Google is awash with options, giving you a list of the nearest providers. From pushy sales appointments to alluring discounts, fraudulent unqualified contractors have troubled homeowners with bitter experiences.

Remember, cheap is not always the best deal. High-quality workmanship and services come at a price. Do not fall trap to scams. I am sharing the best-proven tips to make things effortless.

Industry Experience and Years of Business Operation

It is safe for customers to rely on a double-glazing company that has built a reputation in the relevant industry for several years. This ensures the professionals have acquired sufficient experience in various double-glazed product installation, repair, replacement, servicing, etc.

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Customer Reviews and Feedback

Nowadays, it is easy to know how well the company has served their clients. Verified customer reviews, ratings, and testimonials give a fair idea of what they can do for your project. The best sources for authentic customer reviews are online business directories (Yelp), Google, Trustpilot, Checkatrade, Which, Yell etc.

Accreditations and Product Documentation

Products and services backed by accreditations ensure security and durability for years. Working with an accredited company is a sure-shot strategy to accomplish projects in line with local building regulations. Look for accreditations from British Standards Institute, QANW (Insurance-backed guarantees), TrustMark, GQA, BFRC (energy ratings), etc.

FENSA Registration

A double-glazing fitter must be registered with FENSA (Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme). Work done by a FENSA-approved installer is assessed and backed by the government-authorised scheme for compliance with fenestration building standards.

Service Guarantee

All work done by reputable glazing companies is backed by guarantee certificates. This gives you peace of mind if any issues occur within the mentioned period. The company takes full responsibility for the assignment as agreed in the terms and conditions in the written document.

Double Glazing Preventive Maintenance Checklist

Despite a promised life cycle, regular care and maintenance can make a big difference in keeping things in good shape for years. Following the appropriate maintenance can help you identify problems early and reduce repair costs. Herein are the dos and don’ts to keep your double-glazed units in fine condition.

Keep the Frames and Glasses Clean

No matter the frame material, cleaning the doors and windows is critical in every household. Schedule a cleaning routine at least once a month. This is when you can remove the dirt easily. When left uncleaned for a prolonged period, the deposits form a thick sticky layer. Rigorous cleaning can cause damage to the door components.

Always use cleaning agents approved by the manufacturer or hire professional window cleaners.

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Check the Door Parts and Accessories

The energy efficiency of double-glazed units depends on the compact door and windows. Loosened door parts may leave a gap for air passage, leaking the insulation.

Inspect the door hinges and locks, whether they are functioning perfectly. Else, you may need an expert to fix these parts.

Lubricate Door Hardware

Oiling the door hardware with a silicone-based lubricant ensures problem-free operation. It is best to hire a window fitter for this job. Some door mechanisms are opened for lubrication. If things are not done systematically, it can affect functionality. If you have hands-on experience, follow the steps below:

Open the door mechanisms to get access to the hardware. Put some lubricating oil on a lint-free cloth. Do not use a soggy fabric dripping liquid. Oil spills mean wastage and messy working areas dabbed in ugly stains.

Apply the oil to the hinges, lock barrels, etc. Spray oil into the keyholes and operate the lock a few times by moving the handle or inserting the keys. This will help to spread the oil evenly inside.

Keep the Rails and Tracks Clean

The coherent sliding door movement depends on the rails and tracks. Moving the panels can be challenging if grit and dirt build up on the rail panels. Pushing hard can lead to collision and damage to the unit.

Open the door/window and run the vacuum cleaner through the tracks to extract the deposits.

Should You Upgrade/Replace Double Glazing

Since upgrading or replacing double-glazing doors/windows is a substantial investment, it is worth evaluating the cores before moving ahead.

When to Replace Your Old Windows

Slimline vs casement windows

The problems like condensation, misting, and broken seals can be repaired, giving you years of relief. However, these specific signs indicate the need for immediate replacement.


A damaged double-glazing window will allow hot air to escape outside in winter. When you need to run the heating appliances too often, it means that window and door insulation systems are not working.


Old double-glazed windows may develop wide gaps between the frame and glass. This gap may allow rainwater inside besides heat loss.

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Influx of Outside Noise

A new sealed dual-panel window cuts noise by up to 65%. However, with passing time, the acoustic properties tend to weaken. This happens when the frames have small cracks, broken glass seals, etc. When the external noise increases, it is time for replacement.

Sticky Wooden Leaves

After you repaint the old timber windows several times, the wood tends to develop cracks seeping moisture in humid weather. The sicky leaves affect door functionality making it noisy, hard to move, etc.

Cracked uPVC

uPVC becomes brittle at the end of the life cycle. Though not evident to the eyes, you will eventually experience rapid heat loss. This cannot be fixed, so you must replace it with a new piece.

Benefits of Upgrading to Modern Double-Glazing

Upgrading to modern double-glazing windows and doors is a surefire investment in feature-rich products and years of satisfaction. Dive in to check what cutting-edge double-glazed windows can do for your home:

State-of-the-art Features

The double-panel glasses have come a long way, manifesting advanced features serving varying purposes.

Install low-E-coated glasses to build sustainable homes. The thermal conductivity of argon gas-filled double-glazed windows is 67% lower than traditional air-filled models. It enhances energy efficiency by retaining indoor heat.

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Build Energy Efficient Homes

Double-glazing is a superb natural heating and insulation system. Using natural heating with insulated panels and energy savings ensure low carbon footprints for every household.

The heat retention capacity of dual-panel windows is twice as much as traditional single-glass units. With the high-performing installation, you can save 50%-75% on energy bills.

Advanced Security Layer

Most property owners trust toughened dual-panel glass windows for optimal security. These glasses boast an added polycarbonate layer and are pressure-treated at high temperatures for robust durability. High-end models have a laminated resin layer bounded to the inner surface of the glass. It holds the glass pieces in place when someone tries to break through the structure.

Minimise Outdoor Sound Levels

External noise is the prime concern for properties in proximity to busy roads. Acoustic laminated double-glazed glasses are powered with a thicker resin laminated layer for maximum sound absorption.

While double-glazed glasses are not soundproof, they can cut up to 90% of outside noise, giving you a peaceful life.

Valued Home Renovation for Maximum ROI

The cost of replacing single-pane windows with a double glazed systems is an investment. On average, upgrading 8-10 windows can depend on the material, design, style, etc.

By installing double-glazed windows, you can save up to £120-£150 per year on energy bills. The expected lifespan of these windows is at least 20 years (high-end models last for 50 years). You can recover up to 90% of the costs during this time while enjoying enhanced security and energy efficiency.

Fixing and repairing a window

Final Thoughts,

Maintaining your double glazed windows can extend their life. When you need repair or replacement services, rely on FENSA-certified window fitters. I hope this article will help you through the decision-making process.

Have you had double glazing repairs recently?

Share your experience and please feel free to get in touch, if you have questions or need double-glazed door and window repair/replacement services.


By Jessica Stevens

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