Edwardian vs Victorian conservatories: Which is best for my Surrey home?

29th Sep 2021
edwardian conservatory compared to victorian conservatory

Conservatories continue to be the ‘go to’ option for Surrey homeowners in search of the easiest way to increase space, light, and relaxation where it’s needed most.

With many different conservatory styles to choose from, Edwardian conservatories and Victorian conservatories are two of the most popular designs we install. But what’s the difference between these fashionable conservatory styles? And which is best for your Surrey home?… Allow us to explain the differences between these two attractive conservatory options.

What is an Edwardian conservatory?

Edwardian conservatory

An era renowned for light, airy and simple sophisticated stylings, Edwardian conservatories are recognised by a well-proportioned square-shaped flat face, a ridged, sloping roof, and a rectangular floor plan.

What is a Victorian style conservatory?

Edwardian conservatory

Grand, ornate, and intricate, Victorian conservatories typically feature a pentagonal or hexagonal floor plan, with 3 or 5 facets arranged to create an elegant curved appearance.

What is the difference between an Edwardian and Victorian conservatory?

The most prominent differences between these two conservatory styles are the shape and ornamental qualities. Although they can be designed to complement both traditional and modern aesthetics, the decorative qualities of Victorian conservatories are most suited to classically styled homes. Whereas the Edwardians’ symmetrical sightlines and fewer embellishments are often chosen to enhance more minimalist, contemporary styled settings in Surrey.

What are the benefits of having an Edwardian conservatory?

  • Maximises the available space
  • Creates the illusion of more space
  • Its vaulted ceiling lets in more light
  • Less detailing doesn’t detract from the original features of the property

What are the advantages of a Victorian conservatory?

  • Maximises panoramic garden views
  • Versatile customisation options
  • Can add unique character to modern properties
  • Adds a decorative, extravagant flourish to heritage homes

Bespoke conservatory installations in Surrey & the South East

Adding a conservatory is the best way to increase space, light, and appreciation of your home, eliminating the extra hassle that moving house involves.

Whether you’re dreaming of a modern conservatory, a traditional orangery, or a completely bespoke glazed extension design, our vast knowledge and experience hold no bounds. Visit our extensive installation gallery, get a free quote, or contact us online to learn more.

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