6 ideas to create a modern & minimalistic look in your conservatory

13th May 2021
White Conservatory

Whilst there is nothing wrong with traditional conservatories, especially if you live in an older home, sometimes we all want something that is a little bit more modern. So, if you’re interested in contemporary conservatories, here are 6 ideas to create a modern and minimalistic look.

1. Monochromatic interior design schemes

One of the key aspects of minimalism is about keeping spaces feeling simple and uncluttered. A great way to achieve that feeling is by using a monochromatic (single colour) interior design scheme and accentuating it with colour. Using simple furnishings and keeping the space open are also helpful for this.

2. Aluminium conservatory frames

If your conservatory is still in the design phase, you simply must choose aluminium for the framing material. Aluminium is renowned for its incredible strength and durability, which means aluminium conservatory frames can support large areas of glazing despite being built to slimmer proportions. This means more natural light can flow into a sleek and slender conservatory space.

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3. Bifold doors (especially aluminium)

Black aluminium bifold doorsIt doesn’t get much more contemporary than bifold doors, especially those built from slender aluminium. When closed, their super slim sightlines create a wall of glass effect, allowing for maximum light intake and panoramic outside views. And when opened, they fold in a smooth concertina style – the absolute epitome of chic.

4. Lean to conservatories

Minimalist architecture is emphasised by designs that are considered more ‘simplistic’. Lean to conservatories are defined by their rectangle shape and single-pitched roofs, a design that means they are typically considered the most ‘basic’ of the conservatory styles that are available. Therefore, making them perfect for achieving a modern and minimalistic look.

5. Lantern roofs

Black aluminium roof lanternAlthough lantern roofs have been fitted to luxurious orangeries for centuries, their lavish designs are equally well suited to more modern forms of architecture. They combine minimal glazing bars with the maximum amount of glass, resulting in a minimalist and light-enhancing roofing solution that is simply perfect for contemporary conservatories.

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6. uPVC slimline windows

If you’re leaning towards uPVC conservatory frames, our uPVC slimline windows ensure you’re still able to achieve a contemporary look. Their ultra-thin uPVC frames mean they feature 12% more glass than standard windows, giving them an appearance that resembles the slim profiles usually reserved for aluminium window frames.

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