What are the pros and cons of roof lanterns?

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Planning an extension? Looking to increase the natural light in your home? No matter the reason for your interest in roof lanterns and lantern extensions, wouldn’t it be great to have an easy breakdown of the pros and cons? The experts at Sheerwater Glass are here to help, beginning with the perceived ‘cons’ of aluminium roof lanterns.

Is a roof lantern a good idea?...

Cons of roof lanterns

White aluminium roof lantern interior view


Aluminium? That’s really expensive. Unfortunately, many people perceive it to be an expensive construction material. However, you know that you’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth with aluminium. The material is synonymous with strength and durability. Its strength allows for slimmer sightlines and provides a better view of the sky above. Aluminium also allows more natural light to flood the room. Aluminium’s durability means that you can expect a longer lifespan than a uPVC equivalent, so they offer better long-term value too.

Heat loss

The room will be colder, more glass means more heat loss. This isn’t the case with the roof lanterns from Sheerwater Glass. The aluminium frame is designed to be as energy-efficient as possible, with an insulating T-bar and thermally broken eaves beam. Combined with high-performance glazing, our aluminium roof lanterns can achieve U-values as low as 1.0 W/m2K. This results in a more consistently comfortable temperature. Your new roof lantern will have almost no effect on your energy bills either.


A roof lantern is difficult to reach. It’ll get filthy. With a self-cleaning glass option available, maintenance isn’t a problem at all. The glass features a specialist coating that breaks down dirt using daylight and utilises rainwater to wash the residue away. Even without this specialist layer, the angle of the roof allows rainwater to remove the majority of the dirt build-up.

Pros of lantern roof extensions

Black aluminium roof lantern

Increase of natural light

Studies frequently reiterate the importance of natural light for our health, from a boost in vitamin D to improving our focus and productivity. A stream of natural light is welcomed into the room due to the roof lantern’s spas and ridge sections. Our roof lantern products are also amongst the slimmest available on the market today.

Improve the home’s aesthetic and customised to your home and personal taste

The roof lantern is truly beautiful inside and out. It adds a contemporary style to any home with its slim, elegant look. Every precision-engineered component of the roof lantern has been crafted to work in harmony and improve your home’s aesthetic while doing it. The roof lantern is also available in a range of colours. You even have the option to choose one colour for the interior and another for the exterior to complement the inside and outside of your home.

Manufactured from aluminium

Aluminium’s strength, paired with the innovative glass lock system and tamper-proof fasteners on our roof lanterns, makes them practically impossible for intruders to gain entry into your home. The roof lantern features some of the best seals and gaskets available. These allow it to handle even the worst the British climate can throw at it.

Roof lantern blinds

Roof lantern blinds are also a possibility, with a choice of pleated blinds or roller blinds. So, there's no need to worry about your furniture fading either.

Roof lights vs roof lanterns - what's the difference?

Also known as a skylight, a roof light is installed at the same angle as the roof and can be opened or fixed in place. Whereas a roof lantern projects above the roof. Suited to flat roof structures, roof lanterns are often pyramid or elongated pyramid-shaped. Both of these glazed roofing options are available with Sheerwater Glass.

Interior view black ali roof lantern

Aluminium lantern extensions and more for your Surrey home

For more information on our aluminium roof lanterns or any more of our extensive product range, contact us online or give us a call on 01932 344 415.

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