Glass vs polycarbonate: which glazing is best for your greenhouse?

13th Apr 2021

If you already own a greenhouse and replacement glass, or you’re thinking of building one, you might have wondered whether glass or polycarbonate glazing is the best option for it. So, we’ve decided to compare the two to help you decide.

Is glass or polycarbonate glazing clearer?

Greenhouses are traditionally built from clear glass. Having a clearer view of the inside enhances the visual appeal of a greenhouse and gives it the classic look they are known for. However, polycarbonate panels are slightly opaque, so you do not get a traditional greenhouse aesthetic.

As glass is clearer than polycarbonate, it has better light transmission too, meaning your plants will be exposed to more natural light.

Is polycarbonate stronger than glass?

Polycarbonate panels can withstand a lot of force without breaking, but standard greenhouse glass is slightly weaker than standard glass. This means it is more prone to breakage. However, toughened safety glass and laminated greenhouse glass are available, and both are incredibly sturdy.

Glass and polycarbonate panels are both designed to withstand the weather along with general wear and tear for many years. Both materials are flame-resistant too, so if you’re someone who enjoys using their garden for barbecues or relaxing around a fire, you can.

Can greenhouse glass be easily replaced?

Greenhouse replacement glassAlthough it’s extremely unlikely that polycarbonate panels will break, they are prone to scratches. Scratches are difficult to repair and get rid of too. Another snag is that replacing polycarbonate panels can be a more time-consuming process because of the need to contact the manufacturer to send out a replacement panel.

As previously mentioned, glass is more prone to breakage but it is much more readily available than polycarbonate, meaning repairing smashed greenhouse glass can be done easily.

Are polycarbonate panels or glass easier to clean?

Glass greenhouses need the occasional clean to keep them clear and looking their best. Polycarbonate panels only need cleaning once or twice a year. However, if they are not properly installed, they are prone to dust accumulation. This reduces light transmission and is difficult to clean.

Is glass a sustainable material?

Glass is built from sand, meaning it is made from a renewable and natural resource. Polycarbonate panels, however, are chemically-produced thermoplastic polymers. Therefore, if you’re looking to go ‘green’ in more ways than one, glass is the best option for doing so.

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