How can I reduce the heat loss through my roof windows?

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As the winter draws in, thoughts often turn to how you can keep your home warm while still spending less on your energy bills. If you have roof windows or are considering getting them for your home, you may want to know what sort of thermal performance they can offer and what you can do to ensure they perform at their best. Here at Sheerwater Glass, we have all the answers you need – from what the perfect roof windows are for your home to how blinds can boost their benefits.

What are roof windows?

Roof windows or skylights are an attractive window solution that can fill your home with light and are perfect in an extension or loft conversion. If a room is particularly dark, they are an ideal way to bring some extra light in. They also give you more space in your room as a wall isn’t taken up with a window. We’re proud suppliers of VELUX windows which are one of the leading options as they are attractive, secure and high-performing.  All of our skylight windows and fully customisable to your home and needs. We offer three different materials – pine, painted white pine and polyurethane which all offer high weatherproofing and insulation benefits. VELUX are the only window manufacturers that offer laminated safety glazing as standard which prevents glass from falling into your home should it break, which is more of a consideration with the angle of roof windows. The glass is also toughened against any would-be intruders as well as the unpredictable British weather. Additional glazing options that reduce noise or increase privacy are also available.

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Reducing heat lost through roof windows

An easy way to keep your home warm when using roof windows is to keep any blinds open when it’s sunny to harness the power of the sun. This will heat up your room and remember to close them at night.

Replacing your older roof windows with higher-performing options could also be a solution if you notice that your windows are draughty or damaged. Our roof windows offer ThermoTechnology which is a trademarked design offering exceptional insulation properties, regardless of whether you choose timber of uPVC. Offering consistently high performing U-Values, your home will stay a consistently comfortable temperature and you can enjoy lower energy bills. The ventilation bar allows you to circulate fresh air even when the window is closed and without compromising on security. Smart technology even gives you the option for the windows to detect whether they need to open or close depending on the weather and humidity levels – clever stuff!

Strong locking mechanisms, durable and sturdy frames, reinforced hinges and anti-theft screws all ensure that your roof windows are amongst the secure on the market. One effective method that can keep heat inside your home is roof window blinds.

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Do heat blinds work?

If you’d like some extra insulation for your roof windows, have you considered blinds? As well as preventing heat from escaping, you can also choose options that reduce the heat coming in during the summer months and blackout blinds that will help you get undisturbed sleep. There are various blind options including blackout energy pleated blinds which increase the insulation offered by 25% as well as keeping unwanted light out. These use a honeycomb design which traps air inside the blind and prevents it from escaping. We also offer blinds that allow light through which is ideal for rooms such as living and dining areas. The blinds can be operated manually, electrically or by solar power which controls them so they close in bad weather.

All of our VELUX windows come with mounting brackets as standard, regardless of style, and this allows you to choose any type of blind or shutter that can then be easily installed. There’s no need to decide straight away either as these can be installed whenever you like after your windows have been completed.

The best roof windows across Surrey

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