How to repair foggy windows

9th Dec 2020
Replacement sealed unit repair

Whilst condensation on the outside of your window’s glazing is perfectly normal, if there is mist, or fog, present between the 2 panes of glass, this is a sign that the window seal has failed. The inert gas, usually Argon or Krypton, that sits within the glazed unit will now be seeping out, worsening the window’s ability to trap heat. However, as leading providers of window repair services in Surrey, we thought we would share various methods you can try to repair foggy windows.

Wipe the external part of the glass

It’s not always clear whether the window mist is present on the outside or inside of your glazed unit, so your first step is to wipe the outside glass. If this gets rid of any fog or moisture present on your windows, the seal will still be intact.

Repairing cracks on a single pane of glass

sealed unit work

If you’ve ascertained that a crack in one of the panes of glass is what’s causing your glazed unit to mist up, you might try the following method to repair any small cracks:

  • Use a dehumidifier around the window to remove any moisture from inside the window.
  • Thoroughly clean the glass around the crack with dish soap and a soft cloth. Next, wipe away the soap residue before leaving the window to dry.
  • Prepare a 2-part epoxy and once it’s ready, apply it into the crack using a putty knife, before letting it cure for at least 5 minutes
  • Take a razor blade and scrape away any excess epoxy and then clean the area with a soft cloth that has a small amount of acetone applied to it. This will remove any epoxy that is raised above the crack.
  • Let the epoxy dry for 24 hours before polishing the glass with a clean rag and glass cleaner.

Drill holes into the outside pane of glass

Power drillAnother method you might try is drilling 2 small holes into the outside pane of glass. This will provide a passageway for any trapped moisture to escape, which will happen naturally as the sun encounters your window. Once all the moisture has escaped, fill the holes you’ve drilled using small plastic tubes and an adhesive, stopping further moisture from getting into the window.

Whilst this method can get rid of any moisture inside your glazed unit, it’s important to bear in mind that it only works on a cosmetic level; it will not restore the inert gas which has escaped along with your window’s thermal properties, so your home will still be susceptible to heat loss.

Misted window repair services and replacement windows in Surrey from Sheerwater Glass

If you’ve tried the steps above and none of them have worked, or if you’d like some additional help, please get in touch with us here at Sheerwater Glass. We are a window repair and installation specialist with nearly 50 years of industry experience. We are available to call on 01932 344 415 or you can contact us online.