Make your Surrey home more energy-efficient with this list of solutions

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Making your home more energy-efficient is a great idea; not only will it mean lower energy bills for you, but it will also mean your reducing your carbon emissions and helping the environment. There are a wide variety of energy-efficient home improvements available too, so making your Surrey home more energy-efficient is simple. Here are some of the best options.

Replacement windows and doors

Replacing older windows and doors is the first port of call. As single glazed windows and old doors typically let out heat, this can result in higher energy bills and a draughty home. Making these simple replacements has never been easier with our expert glass and glazing services. Draughty windows aren't just letting heat escape when it could be making your home toasty, but you can see your finances blowing directly out the window!

uPVC slimline windows and entrance door in Rosewood

Insulate your home with roof, cavity wall, or underfloor insulation

There are a wide variety of ways to insulate your home. From loft to cavity wall and underfloor insulation, insulating your property in whatever way will mean a larger percentage of heat is trapped inside, saving you money during the colder months.

Find the perfect temperature by using a smart thermostat

RadiatorAn essential purchase for those looking to save money while also being energy efficient and comfortable at the same time. Using an automated device that can learn your preferences can save your energy bills by up to 30%. Smart thermostats, such as those provided by Nest and Hive, can greatly improve the comfort of your home. And with motion sensors, compatible heating systems, and geolocation options, it can make sure that the property never overheats when the place is empty. If you have voice assistant like Alexa already in your home, you can control many smart thermostats with your own voice too!

LED bulbs

LED bulbs are much more efficient than typical light bulbs and are a small way for you to change the tone of each room. You might also consider Smart LED bulbs, which can be programmed into millions of different colours with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth capabilities. Being able to change the ambience in your home as you see fit being a nice bonus.

Solar panels

Solar PV systemFor south-facing properties and others that are guaranteed lots of Surrey sunshine, solar panels can be a great source of renewable energy. Another great benefit of solar energy is that they require virtually no maintenance other than the odd clean.

Sheerwater Glass is a leading home improvement specialist based in Woking. If you’re interested in learning more about how to make your Surrey home more energy-efficient, give us a call on 01932 344 415 or contact us online.

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