What’s better? Slimline uPVC Windows Or Aluminium?

When choosing new energy efficient slimline windows in Surrey, you may have thought aluminium was the only option for achieving a slim frame design.

We provide an extensive range of high-quality aluminium windows, emphasising the quality, security features and customisation options they offer.

However, advances in uPVC window technology now mean you can have beautifully sleek, thin frames in uPVC, letting in even more light.

In fact, a uPVC slimline window will offer a number of benefits over aluminium. Read on to discover why slimline uPVC windows might just be the superior choice for your home in Guildford.

Cost-Effective and Budget-Friendly Slimline Windows

The first significant benefit of slimline uPVC windows is that they are more affordable than aluminium window frames. uPVC is a relatively inexpensive material, keeping production costs down and allowing window manufacturers to offer competitive prices to homeowners.

In contrast, aluminium slimline windows tend to cost far more due to higher material and manufacturing costs for aluminium.
For homeowners on a budget or looking to save money on a window replacement project, slimline uPVC windows are the ideal solution. You can achieve an ultra-modern, minimalist design without the premium price tag associated with aluminium.

white-slimline-square-lead windows

Maximum Glass and Natural Light

Our Slimline uPVC windows feature a sash frame of just 63mm and an outer frame just 50mm wide, providing an additional 12% of glass compared to standard windows.

A narrow frame that allows up to 12% more glass than Standard uPCV windows. This means that more natural light can flood into your rooms, creating a bright, open space. The additional glass also gives you better views out of your windows, allowing you to appreciate your garden and surrounding area.

The streamlined, minimal frames of slimline uPVC windows are designed specifically not to obstruct your view and to let in as much light as possible compared to both standard uPVC and slimline aluminium windows.

Similarly, slimline aluminium windows offer slimmer frames that allow more natural light into the home, enhancing the brightness and openness of your spaces. For homeowners who value natural light and openness spaces, slimline windows with uPVC is a fantastic choice.

house with slimline casement windows

Bespoke Designs and Styling

While uPVC windows are renowned for their energy efficiency and high performance, they have traditionally lacked style. Slimline uPVC windows change this perception with their attractive, modern designs. uPVC windows can now achieve top thermal efficiency with a more sleek design, contemporary style to complement any home.

Slimline uPVC windows are also fully customisable to match your property’s exterior. You can choose from a variety of colours, woodgrain effects, handles, glass and double glazing options to create your ideal style for your new windows. Grey, black, and Chartwell green are particularly popular colour choices for a modern home, while woodgrain colour effects suit more traditional properties.

With endless possibilities for customisation, you can design slimline uPVC windows to perfectly match your home’s architecture and your personal taste. Aluminium windows typically offer less flexibility for customisation, especially at an affordable price point.

House with slimline windows

Unrivalled Energy Efficiency in Slimline Windows

Our slimline uPVC windows carry the distinction of an A+ Window Energy Rating (WER). This impressive rating guarantees a warm, dry interior throughout the year, playing a significant role in reducing your household bills.

Furthermore, our range has received an A+ energy rating from the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) (www.bfrc.org), equivalent to most triple-glazed windows. This stellar energy rating performance contributes to energy efficiency and cost savings in your household.

The multi-chambered profile of uPVC windows, thermal performance of advanced glass units and weather-tight seals all work together to retain more heat inside your home. This allows you to lower your energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint and create a comfortable environment. Similarly, aluminium windows are known for their impressive thermal efficiency, contributing to a warm and energy-efficient home.

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Enhanced Security

Despite their narrow, sleek frames, slimline uPVC windows do not compromise on security. They feature multi-point locking systems installed, reinforced profiles and frames as well as tough laminated glazing to deter intruders.

Shootbolt locks, hinge protectors and other reinforcements are incorporated into thin window frames the slimline windows design to give you peace of mind about home security.

While the minimal frames may appear less robust, they are specially engineered to be strong and secure. uPVC as a material is also resistant to damage and forced entry.

Weather Resistance

Slimline windows are designed with weatherproofing in mind. The uPVC profiles and sashes are fused together with high-performance seals and gaskets to prevent air, water and moisture ingress. Multi-chambered frames also help to insulate from extreme weather conditions.

These tight seals, durability and insulating properties allow slimline uPVC windows to stand up well to wind, rain and other elements. They will keep your windows and doors and home comfortable even in poor weather. uPVC is naturally resistant to corrosion, rot and rust.

For weatherproof protection slimline uPVC windows are a reliable choice. They require minimal upkeep to continue functioning optimally for decades.

Slimline uPVC Kitchen Window

Exclusive and High Quality Slimline windows

These windows are an exclusive product specifically designed and only available from Sheerwater Glass. They are made in the UK to the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality. Only premier materials, colours and components are used in the manufacturing and installation process to create an ultra-durable product.

With over 50 years of experience producing uPVC windows and doors, Sheerwater Glass are industry experts in the field. Their exclusive slimline window range combines cutting-edge design with traditional quality and value. Sheerwater Glass also offers homeowners peace of mind with guarantees of up to 10 years on new ultra slimline windows.

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Unmatched Slimline uPVC windows

For a premium product at an affordable price, the ultra slim-line uPVC window collection is unmatched. They offer homeowners an exclusive opportunity to achieve an elegant new look for their property with a trusted brand.

In addition to these advancements in uPVC, new aluminium windows are also available, offering similar technological and design advancements for those seeking an alternative to uPVC.

While slimline aluminium windows were once the only option for a super-slim frame, advancements in uPVC window technology and design mean that uPVC is now hot on the heels of slim frame aluminium windows.

Slimline windows from Sheerwater Glass combine a distinctively narrow frame with all the benefits of uPVC to create windows that flood modern homes’ with natural light. For your window replacement project, slimline uPVC windows should be at the top of your list.

slimline uPVC Bay window

Slender Design & Clean Lines

Whilst all the profiles remain technically the same, the slimline system offers a choice of Bevelled or Ovolo beading, depending on your preference.
The windows were designed to be symmetrical – with respect of all flat surfaces being similar in width. This ensures that the window is much sleeker and more aesthetically pleasing for your window.

Top Grade uPVC 

The European committee standards state that uPVC must have the highest category (CAT A) outside wall thickness of 2.8mm – the Slimline system is 3mm. Together with 5 chambers, it offers superb frame strength and rigidness that will last for years.

french doors and slimline windows on a house

Highly adaptable slimline design

Our wide range of aluminium window styles caters to both residential and commercial properties, highlighting their adaptability and suitability for various architectural designs with benefits like energy efficiency, low maintenance, and durability.

Their slimline design is highly adaptable, and easily altered to suit all properties. Choose beading, Georgian bars, decorative glass, a wealth of colour options and much more, tailoring their design until it’s perfect for any home.


Can I have my aluminium windows matching my doors?
Of course, on many occasions we have installed the popular anthracite grey aluminium windows accompanying slimline bifold doors as or slimline sliding doors out to the garden.

What colours can I choose for my windows?
Both Aluminium windows and uPVC windows can come in pretty much as colour you want. Any RAL colour or British Standard colour and even Farrow & Ball. Just ask our team of experts!

Hiring the Experts for Quality Slimline Window Installation

If you are considering new windows for your home, then it is best to have an in-home consultation. Our advisors will be able to provide an opinion on which types of windows might be best suited.

They will take into account the type of home that you own, the location and, of course, your budget. They can also, if requested, bring samples so you will be able to see the difference between Slimline and standard windows.

We have the complete range of windows and doors that we offer on display in our showroom located in Sheerwater, Woking, Surrey.

installing slimline aluminium windows in Anthracite Grey

Connect with our Experts

With your dream home in mind, our skilled and friendly team is just a phone call away at 01932 344 415 and eager to assist you in finding the ideal slimline framed window solution.

Reach out to us today and let us guide you towards the best style options and design that complements your home, thereby adding maximum amount of value and kerb appeal!

Additionally, our experience extends to providing window solutions for commercial properties, ensuring we cater to both residential and commercial needs with expertise.

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