The best and worst places to have a mirror in your Surrey home

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When you’re coming to the final stages of decorating your home you may be starting to think about what you’re going to be placing on your walls and where. Mirrors are the perfect finishing touch for any property, they help to brighten your home by reflecting light around your room. But where should you place your mirrors to maximise lighting, aesthetics and promote a positive environment?

Here are our recommendations for the best and the worst places to hang a mirror in your home.

Always hang mirrors opposite light sources

Positioning your mirrors opposite light sources whether that’s windows or artificial lights will brighten up your home. The light will reflect off your mirror and bounce around your room, making it feel lighter and airier. If you have smaller rooms around your house, we really recommend you try hanging your mirrors across from the window. It creates the illusion of an additional window which tricks the eye into thinking the room is bigger than it is.

Don’t hang mirrors directly across from front doors

It’s a common rule amongst interior designers that you should avoid placing a mirror across from a front door and you should hang one on an adjacent wall. Many Feng Shui experts believe that mirrors reflect positive energy into your home, by placing one directly across from your front door pushes energy away rather than inviting it in. Regardless of whether you believe that or not, entryway mirrors should be hung where they can be conveniently used as you’re leaving the house.

Having a mirror within your entryway is a fantastic addition, it’ll brighten up an otherwise dark room and make it feel more open. It will also provide you and your guests somewhere to check their appearance before heading out of the door.

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Experiment with your bathroom mirrors placement

Your bathroom should feature a large mirror that can be used for shaving, toothbrushing and getting ready. At Sheerwater Glass, we custom cut and install toughened glass mirrors that are ideal for use in bathrooms. You should always opt for a toughened glass mirror in bathrooms, they’re much harder to break than a standard mirror. But in the rare instance that it does get broken it will shatter into small pieces of round glass to avoid injury.

When placing your bathroom mirror you really need to consider where you would need one the most. For many homeowners, this is above their sink sitting slightly higher than the tap handles and faucet. Although we understand some bathrooms have a more complicated layout which is why our dedicated team are more than happy to provide you with advice for your exact bathroom.

Avoid hanging mirrors opposite cluttered areas

If you have an area of your home that is always cluttered or busy, we recommend avoiding having a mirror anywhere that could reflect this. You might think it would make your room look larger but all it will do is reflect the clutter making your room feel much smaller. Instead, hang your mirror where it can reflect the very best of your home décor.

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Have a mirrored splashback installed in your kitchen

Our mirrored splashbacks are the perfect solution for homeowners who are wanting to create the illusion of a larger kitchen. As light bounces off of the mirrored surface it also provides more focused task lighting for preparing and cooking meals.

Our mirrored splashbacks are available in more than classic silver, you’ll be able to choose from our collection of attractive colours and finishes to complement your kitchen. As all our splashbacks are custom cut, you’ll be able to have it in any size, shape or style that you want.

Bespoke toughened glass products from Sheerwater Glass

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