Why choose Sheerline Classic aluminium windows?

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Not so long ago, the only game in town as far as double glazing frames went were uPVC and timber and while aluminium had been used in construction projects including the Empire State Building, for many years it wasn’t much recognised as a mass-market building material – it certainly wasn’t a realistic option for homeowners in Woking and the surrounding areas of Surrey.  

Fast forward a few decades, and suddenly aluminium has a very bright future. It is strong, durable, environmentally friendly and virtually maintenance free. Its popularity as a material for window frames stems from the fact that slim sightlines allow for larger panes of glass, which in turn allows more light into your home and offers a sleeker, more contemporary overall aesthetic as a result.   

Aluminium is the most abundant metallic element on earth and is highly recyclable. In fact, it is thought that 75 per cent of the aluminium ever produced is still in use today. With a surge towards green building, aluminium ticks the boxes for energy efficiency and sustainability.  

All this means that aluminium window frames have seen a huge growth in popularity over recent years. For example, take our Classic range of Sheerline aluminium windows. We have built on years of experience to bring forward a stronger, slimmer, more energy-efficient aluminium frame which is more than proving its worth in the marketplace.  

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Thermal Performance

The neat, clean lines of the Sheerline frame contain the Thermlock® multi-chamber thermal design. These insulating chambers act as a thermal brake, working alongside high performance glass to engineer outstanding thermal efficiency. Depending on the glazing options used, our aluminium windows can achieve incredibly low U-values of 1.5 W/(m²K), which makes them some of the most energy-efficient aluminium windows currently available in the UK. 

Let there be light…

Aluminium frames have an excellent reputation for maximising light, and our Sheerline Classic is no exception. It has an ultra slim 59mm sightline, allowing plenty of glazed space as well as creating a cool and contemporary aesthetic. Threaded screws bind each corner tightly, leaving no room for misalignment. We offer both casement windows and sliding sash windows made from aluminium, both of which are available in a wide range of colours. 

Sheerline Aluminium windows Classic

Strength and security

 Any burglar hoping to force open a Sheerline Classic window frame is going to have a hard time. These frames are exceptionally strong, and made even more so by the innovative construction method used to make them. The frames come with high security multipoint locking, and for ultimate protection a beadless option is also available which eliminates the need for separate glazing beads. Instead, a unique corner jointing method securely locks the glass away within a completely sealed unit.   

Colours and styles

Sheerline Classic frames come in two opening sash styles; ‘Stepped’ – inspired by traditional steel windows, and ‘Contemporary’ – with a more modern minimalist aesthetic. Both are available in a standard outer frame, or a ‘Flush’ option that brings the perimeter and opening sash in line with each other. As far as colour goes, there is a selection of eight powder-coated matt colours, three metallic effect colours and a high gloss white – there really is something for every taste, and style of house. 

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