Will these home trends fly or flop in 2023?

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With the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic seemingly behind us, we can look toward 2023 with high hopes. At Sheerwater, we believe our choices of interior decor and home improvements will reflect the brighter days ahead. That means an embracing of things that fill our homes with natural light, and a shunning of things that don't. Over what felt like endless months of lockdowns, the role of the home has changed. It needs to be a place of relaxation, where we can feel closer to the Surrey countryside. But also, it needs to be somewhere we can work at a moment's notice. With this in mind, here's a list of the home trends that we think will fly and flop in 2023.

Sky blue

Fly! After 18 months of having to stay inside, it's time to bring the outdoors to us. We predict that bright shades of entrance doors and walls will be big in 2023 as we aim to once again brighten up our lives. This could come in the form of softer shades like Chartwell green or Duck Egg blue. But for its striking effect and allusions to great wide world, we think sky blue is going to sky rocket. It's a happy and optimistic, which we think will thrive in a year that's set to be much more positive.



Flop! Granite worktops and surfaces have been popular in the kitchen for years. However, we're not sure they're effective enough as accents. In 2023, dark colours in homes need to provide enough contrast to make the room feel brighter overall. With too much granite, there's a danger of light actually being sucked out of the room. For optimal light, glass table tops will be a much more popular choice in 2023.

Glass shelves and glass partitions

Fly! What's guaranteed to increase light in the home? Glass! A new set of glass shelves would be an astoundingly elegant way of storing books or trophies, while still allowing light to flow through the house. This would also be the case for glass partitions, which would transform your home into an open, homely space, perfect for getting back to socialising! Partitions would also make a great addition to a home office for remote working.

glass partitions

Bare walls

Flop! No one wants to see their light dulled by bare and boring walls, especially if they're a particularly dark colour like grey or black. The minimalist movement has its moments, but sometimes it takes things too far. Your walls are a unique opportunity to brighten up your home and show off your personality. If 2020 and 2021 have shown us anything, it's that life's too short to hold yourself back.


Fly! The cure to any bare well is a stunning new mirror, cut to your exact requirements. Whatever light gets into your home, a mirror will bounce it back into the room. Mirrors are an incredibly simple way to brighten up your property and increase your confidence in yourself! They're also very versatile, and can be fitted in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, anywhere! We'd definitely recommend treating yourself to a wonderful new mirror in 2023.


Oversized clocks

Flop! This is a trend that definitely feels on its way out. For years, people have been mounting huge clocks up in their kitchens. However, after the pandemic has severely altered our relationship with and perception of time, there's some suggestion that we won't want to be as confronted with the time in 2023. As we head into this new chapter, it's thought that we'll seek more subtle ways of telling the time in our homes.

House plants

Fly! One trend that isn't going anywhere any time soon is house plants. Countless people have found tending for house plants immensely comforting and beneficial for their mental health in the last 18 months. There's no reason why they should stop now! After so long being pent up inside, people want to feel closer to nature at all times. Plants are one of the easiest and cost-effective ways of pursuing this. Furthermore, plants will perfectly suit brighter homes with more mirrors and glass installations!


Fly! In the same spirit, greenhouses are sure to become a more regular feature in properties across Surrey! More people have discovered gardening and vegetable growing over the pandemic than ever before. And with increasing concerns for the climate and minimising food's travel time, people may feel more encouraged to grow their own food at home.


Bringing the outside in

Fly! We all want to feel closer to the outside world again. That's why we predict more people will invest in home improvements like bifold doors. To maximise the amount of light in the house, a set of aluminium sliding doors would be strong enough to support huge panes of glass. Seamlessly connecting with your garden, these types of doors will also help to create a great outdoor social space for your friends and family.

aluminium bifolding doors white

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