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Cortizo Sliding Doors

Available Styles:

Cor Vision     4200

Premium sliding doors for Surrey homes

Clean, chic and in a style to suit you

Cortizo sliding doors are perfect for homes where your average sliding patio doors just will not cut it. We have 2 styles available to choose from: 4200 Sliding and Cor Vision Sliding. However, the design of both options is incredibly flexible, ensuring that they’re always the perfect fit, no matter the size and style of your home or how you wish to use them.

There’s even the possibility to embed the frames within your property, creating a seamless wall of glass through which the view to the outside is completely uninhibited. As a premium sliding door solution, you can expect unrivalled security, outstanding thermal performance and incredible durability from them, regardless of your chosen configuration too.

Your doors, your perfect design, thanks to…

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Multiple Configurations

Available with as little as 1 or as many as 6 glass door panels, they can be used for apertures small and large. Some sashes can be fixed and others movable, allowing for flexible opening. Sashes can also be curved or straight to suit your specific aesthetic requirements.

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Numerous Finish Options

A wealth of ultra-durable, powder-coated finish options means it’s easy to create a huge range of aesthetics. Not only do you have the full RAL colour range to choose from, but multiple wood effects ensure you can achieve a more traditional finish. Anti-bacterial finishes are also available for the more hygiene-conscious homeowners.

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Cortizo sliding doors can be optimised for security with up to 4 locking points, inside and outside locking and a system for lock tightness. This makes Cortizo sliding doors very secure, with beauty and functionality in one package.

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Bespoke Designs

Here at Sheerwater Glass, every sliding door we install comes completely bespoke to the requirements of individual customers. So, no matter what they’re looking to achieve, we do everything we can to turn any home improvement dreams into a reality.

Get the wow factor with corner sliding doors

Provided there is enough support present, corner sliding doors make it appear as if the roof floats above the door opening, which can really give your home the wow factor.

They are available with an integrated corner post or as a completely open corner. And whilst both options seamlessly connect the home and garden, creating a room that feels like it just keeps on going, the latter ensures that determining where your home ends and garden begins will be that little bit less clear.

Recessed or low thresholds for easy access

If you require easy access to and from the home, this is no problem either. These contemporary sliding doors are available with either recessed track or low thresholds that ensure there is no lip at the bottom for feet or wheelchairs to get caught on.

Thresholds are perfectly in keeping with their modern, minimalist design too, so you can always move between the home and garden in complete style.

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