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Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing options (material):


What is Secondary Glazing?

Functional and effective secondary glazing systems.

A technique that involves installing supplementary glazing over an existing window, our energy-efficient replacement glazing in Surrey is supplied in a fantastic range of styles and designs. With a choice between sliding secondary glazing and fixed options, we can cater to every style of home. Our secondary glazing glass service improves the functionality of your existing windows.

In this process, a completely separate secondary glazing aluminium frame and glass is installed on the interior portion of the existing frame or window reveal, so transforming your single-glazed window into one with a form of double-glazing and the associated benefits of modern glazing. The goal of our replacement glazing in Surrey is to help you retain the charm and beauty of your original window while improving its performance.

Secondary Glazing

Benefits of our Secondary Double Glazing for Surrey homes

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Energy Efficient Replacement Glazing

Replacement glazing improves the energy efficiency of homes by providing innovative insulation and noise reduction. This is through their pioneering design that utilises dense glass panes and inventive argon gas that efficiently retains the heat inside of your home. With one-fifth of a home’s heat lost through single-glazed windows, our draught-free secondary glazed windows help to reduce your household bills.

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Improve Your Home Security

Traditional windows don’t benefit from the modern techniques used today. Unable to provide sufficient security, tired and older windows are more vulnerable to burglars. Secondary glazing provides a supplementary protective barrier to existing windows; offering additional strength and durability. This also makes them excellently weather-resistant. We understand that your home’s security is important, which is why we take great care in installing replacement glazing to ensure your home is safe and secure.


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Premium Glazing Performances

Secondary glazing greatly improves the longevity and reliability of your windows by providing a functional barrier from harsh weathers. This eliminates your windows from warping, cracking or absorbing moisture like older windows commonly do, making it a great alternative if you’re unable to get new windows installed. As a result, our high-performance replacement glazing is a superb choice for listed and aged buildings, where regulations restrict home improvements.

Secondary glazing for period properties in Surrey, North Hampshire and beyond.

It’s also a great solution for period properties, listed buildings and conservation areas. Stricter rules regulate the changes that homeowners can make to protected period properties, so our secondary glazed windows are ideal to improve your home’s thermal performance and security, whilst preserving its appearance.

Our secondary double glazing is commonly approved for use in areas of outstanding beauty as its able to perfectly replicate the historic details of existing windows. Our glazier’s careful eye to detail will ensure that they seamlessly blend with your home and retain the external character of your property, with a range of classical decorative glass options and traditional features. This includes leaded glass, Victorian-styled handles, monkey tail black antique handles and ornate brass window lifts.

A draught-free home

Secondary double glazing is more environmentally friendly than replacement double glazing, due to the fact that you’ll be placing less reliance on heating appliances. So upgrading your windows will reduce your home’s carbon footprint.

Draughts through windows are a real pain for many homeowners. Rectifying it may seem like it could be costly, but it doesn’t need to be. Whether you’re having to turn the heating up or you’re exploring window replacement options, double glazing existing windows is a much more cost-effective solution.

The tight tolerances designed into our replacement glazing systems keeps cold air and dust out whilst retaining the warm air in the building, making the secondary glazing cost even better value for money!

Slimline casement windows with leaded glass

Technical Information

Glazing U Values

U value is the comparison of heat lost through various part of a building. The lower the U value the less heat you lose.

A single glazed window has a U value of around 5.6, secondary double glazing can reduce this by 1.8 – 1.9. The Low E glass in secondary glazing reflects most heat back into a room.

Air Permeability Test

This is designed to define the ability of the window to resist air penetration and see how much air seeps through at differing temperatures.

Our replacement glazing meets the stringent test results of Pressure Class 300Pa.

Noise Reduction

Secondary Glazing is noted for reducing noise pollution and removing the irritation that can be faced from traffic or noise from passing crowds.

The sound test on our glazing measures sounds intensity on dB. The higher the dB the louder the noise. Our secondary glazing glass achieved fantastic results in the reduction of sound. An example being with 4mm glass at 39 dB, there was an estimated 65% reduction in noise.

Secondary Window Styles & Designs

We have a selection of secondary glazed window styles and designs to choose from. These include:

  • Hinged and fixed secondary glazing.
  • Sliding secondary glazing.
  • Vertical sliding secondary glazing.
  • Horizontal sliding secondary glazing.

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