1st Feb 2017
uPVC timber alternative casement window

What is a fanlight?

A fanlight is the small top opening in a window unit. Hinged to a transom – the horizontal beam that divides glazing panes – fanlights enable safe ventilation of interior spaces.

Fanlights are suitable for use in uPVC, timber and aluminium window systems.

There is a range of ironmongery options for fanlight openings, depending on the design of the window, the window opening mechanism and your interior preferences.

Leaded fanlights are an effective way to add style and colour to your windows to suit the style and age of your home. Leaded fanlights can be chosen in a range of designs and colours and can be matched to existing windows and

Traditional semicircular fanlights feature glazing bars which open outwards in a fan shape or sunburst. This type of fanlight is also referred to as a “sunburst light”.