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Known for their clean, contemporary designs, bifold doors are perfect for opening up your home to the garden. If you’ve been searching for bi-folding doors Surrey, chances are some extra information about them will be of good use to you. So, with that in mind, we have created this informative blog on the top bi-folding doors FAQs.

What is the smallest opening for bifold doors?

The smallest possible opening for bifold doors is 1400mm, which would consist of 2 door sashes (the minimum amount of door sashes you can have with bifold doors is 2). Anything smaller than this and there’s a good chance the doors will bind upon closing.

What height are bifold doors?

The standard door height for bifolds is 2095mm. However, the minimum and maximum heights for them are 1600mm and 2500mm respectively. If constructed to a height less than 1600mm, they are considering a folding window.

What size do bifold doors come in?

Painted Timber Bi-folding Door

Bifold doors come in a range of standard sizes. Standard sizes start at 1800mm (2-panel bifold doors) and go up to 4800mm (6-panel bifold doors).

However, it’s possible for individual bifold door panels to be manufactured up to 1.2m wide. Also, the maximum overall width for a set of doors is 7m.

How many configurations are bifold doors available in?

Lots. 38 different ones to be exact. This is because they are available with a minimum of 1 door panel up to a maximum of 7. The doors can then be configured to open in a variety of ways, including:

  • Whether the doors open inwards or outwards
  • If the doors fold to the left, right or both ways
  • If a traffic door will be fitted

What is a traffic door?

A traffic door is an individual door panel that is operated like a traditional door. They are also operated separately from the rest of the bifold door system, allowing users to transition between areas of the home without sliding the doors open.

What is a bi-fold door threshold?

grey bi folding doors

The bi-fold door threshold is the track the door panels slide upon in order to open and close the doors. A low threshold is ideal when it is necessary to make access through the doors as straightforward as possible. However, standard thresholds allow a weather seal to be created so they’re better for external bifolds.

What materials do concertina folding doors come in?

Concertina folding doors is another term for bifold doors and they are available in the following materials:

Aluminium bi-folding doors are the most popular option, although they’re all excellent choices.

What are bifold door sightlines?

When searching for bi-folding doors Surrey, you might see the term ‘slim sightlines’ used to outline one of their unique selling points. This refers to the distance between a pane of glass on one door and the pane of glass on another. This is essentially the combined width of two individual door frames where they meet. The smaller the sightlines are, the bigger the glass area. Therefore, affording you better views of the outside space. Our bifold doors feature sightlines of just 132mm, which is exceptionally slim.

If you’d like a set of bi-folding doors for your Surrey home, give Sheerwater Glass a call on 01932 344 415. today. We install ultra-secure, low maintenance bifolds in a variety of materials. Alternatively, you can contact us online.

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