Why homeowners in Surrey are upgrading to slimline aluminium windows

20th Apr 2022
Sheerline Classic, residential aluminium window system passed the PAS24:2016 security test

Aluminium windows were once solely used for commercial properties, as aluminium is so strong the frames were able to hold much larger panes of glass and there wasn’t as much need for energy efficiency. However, advancements in aluminium windows have made them an increasingly popular choice for British homeowners.

Here’s why so many Surrey homeowners are upgrading to slimline aluminium windows.

Slimline aluminium windows add significant kerb appeal

It’s no secret that aluminium windows are a premium option but they’re also an incredible return on investment. Aluminium frames are incredibly strong which allows them to be very thin whilst holding the weight of large panes of glass. Allowing your home to be flooded with natural light all year round. New windows are an extremely attractive feature for potential buyers as it shows them the home is more secure, energy-efficient and has an attractive appearance.

Exceptionally energy efficient aluminium windows

Thermal break technology has ensured that modern aluminium windows are incredibly energy efficient. The Polyamide thermal break sits between the frames preventing heat transference from the external frame to the internal frame. Our range of slimline aluminium windows are able to achieve U-values as low as 1.3W/(m²K) for double glazing and 0.9W/(m²K) for triple glazing. You’ll notice an immediate difference in the overall temperature of your home as well as seeing your energy bills fall.

Sheerline Classic Aluminium windows

Highly durable aluminium windows

Aluminium is a naturally strong material that cannot be damaged through warping or rotting this combined with double glazing ensures you have the most secure window option available. Aluminium became a popular choice for home improvement products thanks to its resistance to light, moisture, rust, distortion and even fire.
At Sheerwater Glass, we also provide durable powder coating options for a gorgeous finish that is guaranteed to last for over 25 years without fading or loss of gloss.

Slimline aluminium windows from Sheerwater Glass

If you’re looking to upgrade your windows to double glazed, modern aluminium then contact us online for a free quote or give a member of our team a call on 01932344415. We’re more than happy to answer any of your questions and provide you with advice and information.

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