Are Aluminium Windows Thinner Than uPVC?

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So, are Aluminium Windows Thinner Than uPVC? Lets find out!

Slimline window frames are leading the way when it comes to sleek, minimalist window replacements in Surrey and the surrounding area. Modern windows featuring more glass and less frame are specifically designed to flood spaces with warm natural light, making rooms seem that much bigger, brighter, and more pleasing to the eye.

These windows are at the height of fashion when homeowners seek low maintenance, long-lasting minimalist aesthetics. However, nowadays, modern uPVC windows are also available with slender slimline frames. So, if you’re trying to figure out which window material is best for creating slimline windows, we’ve taken the time to answer three top questions our customers are asking us at the moment.

Are aluminium windows thinner than uPVC?

Typically, aluminium windows have always been considered much thinner than uPVC. High-performance aluminium windows are available with a super slim overall depth of 14mm. These window profiles should be no less than 1.2mm thick to ensure they've been designed with robust strength and safety in mind. Any thinner and they may not be strong enough to take the weight of the glass.

That said, recent advances in uPVC manufacturing processes have made slimline uPVC window frames a viable possibility, opening up minimalist home designs to a wide range of households and lifestyles. Standard uPVC window frames tend to be around 20mm - 28mm wide. In stark comparison, our slimline uPVC windows are fitted with 12% more glass and feature an impressive outside wall thickness of just 3mm. Designed to be symmetrical, this ensures our uPVC windows are much slimmer and more aesthetically pleasing to your home.


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Are Aluminium Windows Better than uPVC?

Aluminium boasts superior durability and a sleeker design, allowing for thinner frames and larger glass areas. They're also more environmentally friendly, as aluminium is 100% recyclable. uPVC windows might offer better insulation at a lower cost but lack the strength and customisation options available with aluminium.

What is the narrowest uPVC window Sheerwater Glass offer?

Our ultra-slim profile windows are the thinnest uPVC windows in the UK and will fill your home with light for a bright atmosphere inside. The slim uPVC is our most versatile choice offering modern benefits with either a modern or traditional appearance.

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What is the narrowest aluminium window Sheerwater Glass offer?

At Sheerwater Glass, we offer Sheerline's range of slimline aluminium windows. They're available with frames as slim as 88mm which allow you to enjoy extended views and floods of natural light. The lightweight design of aluminium means that the ultra-slim frames are able to support large panes of either double or triple glazing.

What is slimline double glazing?

Slimline double glazing is designed to rejuvenate listed and period properties and homes located in conservation areas. Featuring an overall thickness of just 14mm or less, delivering the appearance of single glazing with all the high-performance benefits of double glazing, slimline double glazing maintains unique character whilst vastly improving thermal efficiency and security.

Superb secondary glazing is also a popular option for protecting heritage homes in restricted areas in Surrey and beyond.

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What is the Disadvantage of Aluminium Windows?

Aluminium frames, while praised for their strength and aesthetics, can have higher initial costs compared to other materials like uPVC. They can also conduct heat, leading to less energy efficiency without proper thermal breaks. However, advancements in technology have significantly improved their insulation properties.

Are Aluminium Windows Colder?

Historically, aluminium frames were considered poor insulators, potentially making windows feel colder. However, modern aluminium windows are designed with thermal breaks that significantly reduce heat transfer, improving their insulation capability and making them comparable to uPVC in terms of warmth.

Which is Cheaper uPVC or Aluminium Windows?

Initially, uPVC windows are generally cheaper than aluminium. The cost difference is attributed to the materials and manufacturing processes involved. However, considering the durability and lifespan of aluminium windows, they may offer better long-term value.

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If you’re looking for quality window products designed to achieve much larger expanses of glass, have a browse through our inspiring collection of uPVC and aluminium home improvement products or contact us online to learn more.

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