Painting Windows – The downsides you haven’t read about

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If your home is in need of a refresh, then sprucing up the exterior to create a stylish look may be at the top of your DIY list. Providing a fresh paint of coat or changing the colour of your windows, doors or roofline could certainly be your first consideration and may achieve this however where it does come with it’s benefits it could also cause more trouble than good.

Early warning signs of replacement

It could also be worth considering how dated your current windows are. For instance if they’re only single paned or old they will not be retaining heat as well as they once did or as well as perhaps double glazed or tripled glazed units. Moreover, it’s worth inspecting your windows for any fogginess and if the seals are damp in anyway as this a good indication as the windows are letting in moisture, not doing their job and in need of replacement.

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Painting uPVC Windows

Painting uPVC windows it is possible to paint them as long as they haven’t been recently installed as because the uPVC will not bond with regular paint and will need specialist paint that the manufacturers use.

So if you have opted for painting then beware it is not as a straightforward task as it may seem and if you want to achieve a perfect finish, that will stand the test of time and last for years then you really will need some specialist knowledge. Full preparation in a clean working environment is paramount to remove dust and dirt particles is required otherwise this will show in the end paint finish, along with grease.

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In addition, it’s worth noting to watch out for any stray paint brush hairs remaining in the drying paint which is something I think we can all account for happening in one way or another in our time of upcycling products. It may even be worth hiring a professional to avoid any disappointment and even then, there is no guarantee that drops or brush marks will not be visible due to the nature of painting on uPVC products.

This is due to the fact that, when manufacturers apply paint, it’s done through a powder coat process which electronically charges dry paint to the product with the application of heat for an immaculate, pristine, and consistent result.

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Painting Timber Windows

Painting timber windows could be argued as the easiest of the three materials to paint as it’s wood after all, and can look great in a multitude of colours from Chartwell Green to Rose Brown or with brilliant stains that imitate the rich colours of oak or mahogany. However, it does come with a drawback which we’ve seen quite often in the past when replacing some of customers windows. Which is, once the paint is dry, opening and closing the windows will never be as simple as it was before, often getting stuck or not closing at all due to an additional layer on top of the wood itself which wasn’t there when the windows were installed and was not accounted for.

This can be quite a troublesome problem people can overlook as the force required to close or open the windows can scratch off paint, making the whole process redundant from the offset. In this instance you could either get a specialist painter who has worked in this scenario before or better yet, go for a full replacement to really make a mark on your property.

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Painting Aluminium Windows

Similarly, to uPVC windows, aluminium windows are powder coat painted during the manufacturing process to provide the best finish making painting them only a temporary solution. Replacing your windows would always be our first go to because you can save money on bills as windows made today are made with better design, such as improved air pocket chambers that provide better U-values, ultimately saving you money on lost heat energy and having a positive impact on the environment in the process.

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Speaking of environmental benefits, having aluminium windows installed over uPVC ones will reduce your carbon footprint due to their shelf life being much greater and requiring less raw material usage. All the while remaining our most sleek window frame, allowing more free flowing natural light and improving sightlines in your home.

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In need of painting inspiration?

While we don’t recommend painting your external windows there are a list of ways in which you can provide a refresh to your home, whether your modernising weathered items or creating a traditional look, inside and out:

  • Furniture and cabinets
  • Walls and ceilings
  • Fences and gates
  • Skirting board
  • Architrave
  • Interior doors
  • Radiators
  • Guttering


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