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Aluminium Roof Lanterns

Smart & stylish Aluminium Roof Lanterns installed across Surrey

Let the light into your Surrey home

Designed to sit on top of flat roof structures or in the centre of an orangery, our aluminium roof lanterns are perfect for introducing light and adding visual appeal in a distinctively contemporary way.

Thanks to the incredible strength of aluminium, not only are they supported extremely well against strong winds and heavy snow but their frames can be constructed to ultra-slim proportions. This means they’re built to last, plus they boast of a stylish, modern design that allows huge quantities of light to flood inside. Contemporise your Surrey home and brighten it up with a stunning roof lantern from Sheerwater Glass!

ALuminium roof lanterns

Benefits of our Aluminium Roof Lanterns

Energy Efficient

Our aluminium roof lanterns make use of an innovative polyamide thermal break system, which significantly reduces heat transfer through the framework. When combined with high-quality glazing, the thermal performance that can be achieved is absolutely excellent, ensuring a cold home is a thing of the past!

Self-cleaning glass

Choose from a variety of glass options but whatever you choose, you can always except a strong thermal performance. Most of our glass options are also self-cleaning, which means that any organic material is broken down on the glass surface and washed away by the rain. So, you needn’t worry about performing unnecessary amounts of upkeep.

Stylish design

The aluminium profiles are deep but beautifully slender and the lower edges feature subtle ogee detailing. In addition to this, any fixings are fully concealed, ensuring for a clean, seamless appearance that looks incredibly appealing. No matter where one of our roof lanterns is fitted, it will instantly draw the eyes of others.

Suitable for any location thanks to tinted glass options!

We offer a range of tinted glass options, meaning we can install our aluminium lantern roofs in any location without worrying about you feeling uncomfortable.

Blue, Aqua, Bronze, Neutral and other types of tinted glass are available to choose from and the different tints are able to reduce solar heat gain and light transmission. Therefore, we’re able to optimise the performance of our roof lanterns in relation to their location.

As a result of this, you needn’t worry about your home overheating after extensive sun exposure or being unable to see because of the sun’s glare.

Secure & Weatherproof

There’s no need to worry about the security of your home being compromised whatsoever thanks to a glass lock system and tamper-proof fasteners, which firmly secure the roof lantern’s components together. Any fasteners are also concealed by finishing caps, so they’re not visible to anyone trying to gain entry.

Complete with the best weather seals and gaskets, they’ll keep your property completely free from draughts and the weather too.

Internal view of a lantern roof

Technical Information

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