Door and Window Repair Service in Woking, Weybridge and Surrey

Repair Services

About Our Repair Services

We love installing the latest products on the market, but not every job can be solved with a new window, door, conservatory or roof lantern. Along with our expert double glazing installations, we provide professional repair services.

Our repair services include window and door repairs, double glazing repairs and new & replacement glass.

Whatever the issue, we’re confident we can help!

Whether you have a problem with a broken hinge, damaged handle, faulty lock, sticking window or a patio door that is difficult to slide, we encourage you to call us to explain the problem.

On most occasions, we should be able to provide a reasonably accurate cost for the required repairs over the phone. Sometimes we ask you to send over a photo and brief explanation on more complicated issues.

Window Repair Services in Surrey

We specialise in all aspects of window repair services; from alteration to installation, so it’s no surprise that we have a dedicated team on hand to repair your windows. It’s not just the glazing aspect that we can repair;

  • Broken hinge.
  • Broken/steamed sealed units.
  • Faulty tilt & turn mechanism.
  • Damaged handle.
  • Faulty lock.
  • Sticking window.
  • Espagnolette locks, friction hinges, stays and handles.
  • And more!

Although we’re here to fix the physical and operational features of your window, we can repair or replace glazing too.

Sash Window

Door Repairs

No matter the quality of your door, they’re in regular use in any domestic or commercial property, so it’s no wonder that they can wear and distort over time. Although we’re known for our door installation services, we’re just as committed to door repairs.

Door damage can occur through constant use, uncontrolled slamming, warping, splitting or attempted burglary. We’re confident in our repair capabilities and can repair almost anything (as long as it fits with your budget), from stiff sliding doors to broken espagnolette locks, friction hinges, stays and handles.

We’re available to repair front, patio, sliding, bi-fold and stable doors, as well as providing uPVC door repairs.

upvc door repairs

Double Glazing Repairs

We’re capable of repairing double glazed systems on windows, doors and conservatories. Whether your issue is condensation or a cracked/smashed window, our double glazing repairs in Surrey can help.

Two panes of glass are used with a gap between them for double glazing, usually trapping moisture free air or an inert gas; therefore, producing a second insulation barrier.

Double glazed units should remain condensation free for 20 years plus, but when, and if it does mist up, the reason is the sealant has broken down. This makes the the window look dirty and can reduce the amount of light pouring into your home. We can fix this through a replacement unit.

Replacement sealed unit repair

New & Replacement Glass

Our new and replacement glass covers more than just the glazing of your windows, doors or conservatories. Our team of professionals are experts at replacing custom safety glass or glass cutting to size for any purpose; interior or exterior. From Georgian wire glass through to horticultural glass, we repair, supply and fit glass for all purposes.

We use a range of technologies which can be used to overcome most problems, such as sound proofing, low maintenance self-cleaning, Low E (used to retain heat) and solar ‘tinted’ glass.

window glass cut to size

Traditional Glazing

Repairing, restoring and preserving traditional glazing is a popular and recommended service of ours. There’s nothing quite like a traditional leaded, coloured or stained glass window. But because they are very old, it’s paramount that you act quickly if a panel is damaged or there’s a slight knick in the leading or frame.

We can also preserve traditional glazing through our secondary glazing too to ensure it’s protected for the long term.

Secondary glazing

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As you can see, we provide a variety of repair services and we’d be more than happy to discuss the options with you. Get in touch to find out more or press ‘get a quote’ below!

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